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Welcome to your "home away from home"
Where we pride ourselves in making your stay cozy, clean and perfect! 

Just as in all homes, this home also has "house rules".  That said, to all those whom are blessed to be here we ask you to respect our below requests, insuring the enjoyment for all.  
As you read, please understand that the heat, wind, sand and
hard water all present issues here in Sedona.


  • Please DO NOT PARK on the roadway entrance nor along Dry Creek road. Parking is permitted up against the house ONLY, as to not restrict others.  



  • No Smoking 

  • No drugs. 

  • No pets.  

  • No candles.  

  • No shoes. 

  • Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. - 8 a.m.  

  • Do not leave either fireplace (inside & outside) unattended & turn off when not in use. 

  • Do not leave the clothes dryer unattended. 


  • Please clean the BBQ after each use.   

  • NOTE:  Extra cleaning fees may be applied if this is abused.  Extra cleaning fees may be applied for removal of stains/odors 

  • No EXTRA overnight guests and/or visitors without pre-authorization.   

  • NO PARTIES; if we are alerted by our neighbors of this, GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY. 

  • Please let us know immediately if something is malfunctioning so it can be rectified.   

  • Please remember to lock all doors, sliding doors and windows before leaving. 

  • Close the blinds before leaving for the day.  

  • Keep all the doors or screens closed (let’s keep those little “critters” out). 

  • To adjust the AC/heat temperatures, use the up and down buttons only.  

  • Please wipe up all water drops immediately, they stain. 

  • Please hang your towels to dry. 

  • Do not use any type of cleaner on all surfaces (the floors, counter tops, bathtub and shower stalls). 

  • Leave both washer and dryer doors open slightly after use. 

  • Wipe up all spills immediately (wine and grout do not mix!). 

  • Turn the natural gas leaver (wall mount) off when not using the BBQ.  

  • Remember to TURN OFF THE BBQ (it’s PLUMBED INTO NATURAL GAS and will run forever!) 

  • Important! DO NOT use the hose on the brick walkways/decks 

  • The garbage and recycling bins are both located on the east side of the garage. 

  • Games and puzzles are in the pantry beside the fireplace. 

  • A TV listings sheet is in the cabinet under the TV. 

  • Do not charge any cable movies. 

  • Any food left here has been done so purposely, help yourself at your own risk. 

  • See inside the upper cupboard, left of the refrigerator, for information you may need, including emergency numbers. 

  • All damages you cause are to be paid for prior to your departure.  

  • Please remember to leave all keys and the garage opener on the kitchen counter when leaving. 

  • At final departure, leave through the front door and press the lock button (top) to lock the door. 

  • DO familiarize yourself to your "home away from home" and ENJOY! 

Welcome Guests, to your "home away from home" 

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